Sunday, March 1, 2009


OMG! I think we will finally get our first snow fall later today and into tonight. I am like a kid and so excited!! My battery is charged in my camera so I can catch some fun moments with my boys. We may get 2-4 inches which is a ton for us! LOL

This is heading up to my in-laws house, but they are expected to get near a foot I think. I know they won't be happy about that...they always get snow in Rhode Island.


These pictures were taken about 30 min. after it started snowing at around 3:30pm. Now the ground is covered.


Jenny said...

We are totally covered now. The only place not white is the area of our walk that had a huge puddle in it from the rain. But it will be frozen solid tomorrow. The boys look so excited--especially Braydon!

Vicky said...

John just went outside and he said we got about 5 inches already. Kidstuff is closed I guess I have no choice but have a snow day. Our electricity seems like it may go out. I hope not!

GrandmaKathleen said...

Wow! 5 inches of snow in Anderson, SC. Unbelievable!
Braydon and Nolan look so delighted with the snow, so cute. This morning when Nolan called me He said "Grandma. come here and play with the snow."
How I wish, but 19 hours is too far...........
BTW Does your Bi-lo have a 99cent Redbox. The code for FREE Monday, today is MS72K3

Vicky said...

No, our BiLo does not do the redbox. The boys had fun in the snow. I am getting ready to do another post on this morning.