Sunday, February 22, 2009

My battery in my camera was dead...SIGH

We went to the duck pond today and fed the ducks and geese. We took the boy's friend that lives next door with his Daddy too. I wanted to catch some great updated pictures and.....the dang battery was dead! Snicklefrits!

Needless to say it is now charging and hopefully I will update this blog with something fun.

Today, Nolan and I were looking through his baby picture book and he got really serious and asked how did the doctor get him out of my mouth because he was big. LOL John and I had to explain to him "a little" about where babies come from.

He looked at me and said..."I come out with your poopy"? LOL JOhn even brought a few pictures and diagrams up of where a baby is in a mommy's belly.

I think we sufficed his curiosity at the moment.....


Jenny said...

Yeah, it'd be pretty rough trying to get them out of our mouths :-) I love Nolan's little questions.

GrandmaKathleen said...

That is cute. When Nolan is older you will get many more difficult questions to answer especially when the Why? follows Why?
Sorry about your camera needing a charge at the most unlkely time.