Tuesday, January 27, 2009

King Tut

Hubs and I went to see the King Tut Exhibit in Atlanta a couple weeknds ago. You can view some of the artifacts on their website I love history and everthing it about it....yeah my high school history teachers would drop their mouth right about now. I discovered this in my college years and surprisingly my interest helped me get A's in a few history/western civilization classes.

I suppose the most intersting thing was the canopic jars that held an organ of the mummy. Apparently they did not think the brain was an important organ because they did not put this in a jar.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Celine Dion Concert in Atlanta

I won these tickets thanks to Magic 98.9. Normally, I would not have ventured to buy tickets to see Celine, but since they were free....I thought why not? I must say that I enjoyed and I am very glad to see her show. It was great!

This was the stage from our seat.

She did nearly 6 costume changes. The stage was different. It was like a bunch of small elevators on it that kept changing colors. Dancers and musicians kept popping up out of it.

She definitely made those crazy hand and face gestures she is known for. I will say that she sounded awesome and I enjoyed all of her songs. You could tell she was very passionate about singing and she truely loves what she does.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

It is amazing what the boys looked like a year ago! This was exactly a year ago.... AND NOW

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Funnies

I have not done this in awhile, so I thought I would write what my 2 lil pumpkins have been saying and doing lately that has made me snicker.

**After Nolan was in "red" at 4K a few weeks ago....he had mastered the art of trying to weasel his way out of trouble.....
Nolan "Mommy, Mommy...I have a surprise for you because you are my best friend."
He went to his cubby and pulled out a picture of Rudolph. "I made this just for you and he has a red nose...that is why I am in "red".

**Braydon thinks Santa has a baby under his belly because it is so big. He pointed to a picture and asked "baby"?

**The kids got a kid's meal from Chick-fil-a. They had butterflies to put together as a prize and I read the info to them.
Nolan corrected me the next day when I told him to pick up his butterfly. "MOMMY, IT IS A MONARCH BUTTERFLY AND HE WANTS TO NOT BE A CATAPILLAR ANYMORE"!

Anyway....that is all I can think of at the moment. I need to start writing these funnies down so I don't forget!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Finally...Christmas Photos!!

Here are some of our Christmas pictures.....finally. Some pictures are from Christmas day and some are from Jan. 2 when our box from Rhode Island arrived.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brick City Grille Review

My Dearest Brick City Grille,

Happy New Year! It has been almost a week since my family visited your establishment....and yet I still feel the need to write what exactly I think and know of you.

Let's just cut to the chase. Mrs. Brick City Grille...you are rude and one of the most arrogant people I have ever met. My family or I will not be back. (I am sure no love loss there for you either).

I called around 4:30pm on New Year's Eve and made a reservation by phone for 5:45pm. I was told reservations were strongly suggested and it wouldn't be a problem. We arrived around 5:30 and was sat fairly fast after there was a bit of confusion about our reservation. Luckily for us there was plenty of tables available.

We decided to try your establishment because I had won a $50.00 gift certificate. We were celebrating the New Year with our two little boys and planned a night going to see The Wizard Of Oz.

This is when your rude remarks started.

My husband went to the front and asked for a crayon. GASP Yes a crayon. You flippantly stated that you were not expecting or planning on any kids here tonight. Excuse me??? Some people celebrate the New Year as a family. After all, your website states "Whether you bring your family in for quality time together or gather with your friends for an intimate dinner, our restaurant is the perfect place for you with a superior level of service, spirited atmosphere, and high quality foods".

And to top it all off...you soon came to our table and stated that you could not accept our gift certificate because of it being a holiday??? My husband pointed out that it did not state this on our certificate or anywhere in the restaurant. You replied "we have no control over the certificates you win from the radio station and you were lucky to get a table here tonight. If you HAD a gift card that would be different."

Hmmmm...let me see here....you are the owner?? Correct? Sounds like you do have control....so much that I would call you a control freak! I sat there with a blank look on my face noticing the empty tables around us at that time. Apparently, because I had actually won something...I was like gum on the bottom of your shoe.

My husband calmly told you to cancel our order.

"Sir, I am sorry you feel that way. You are lucky to even get a table".

I think that was when my normally cool as a cucumber husband replied...
"Just cancel our order and you can have your table back for some else to use...since we were so lucky to occupy this one".

We were getting our coats on when you came back a few seconds later and said "If your order has been started I will make an exception."

GASP You mean you have control after all??

"I am sorry, we will accept your certificate tonight. Your order has been started".

We should of told you to stick it up your A$$ and left. We stayed....I still don't know why we did. Maybe because our oldest was on the verge of tears saying he was hungry and wanted to stay...maybe it was because at this point we needed to eat to make it to the 7:30 show.

Our bill was well over $50.00.

My husband and I have never felt so humiliated. I have not been looked down like that by anyone. I am ashamed that I let you make me feel like I was gum on the bottom of your shoe. The tone and sarcasm of your voice lingers, yet despite your attempts I am happy to say we enjoyed the rest of our evening.

We left. I saw other children in there as well. It is nice to know that others celebrate the New Year as a family too. I suggest you try that Mrs. Brick City Grille. It could help melt that icy stone face facade you have. It is a suggestion...afterall what does a former seasoned manager of a one million net restaurant know.

Most Sincerely,
The "Annoying" gum on the bottom of your shoe

Friday, January 2, 2009

Wizard Of OZ

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! John and I took the boys to see The Wizard of OZ on New Year's Eve. We had dinner at Brick City Grill in Greenville...which I won't go into details about...because this is a "happy" post and that restaurant will make it go sour!! (I will blog about Brick City Grill in the next few days)

We were up high in the balcony section. Higher than I anticipated, but still not too bad. The boys were giggling with excitement when it started. The tornado made Nolan ask a zillion questions like "why is the house in the air"?

Nolan didn't like the witch and said she was ugly. Braydon yelled out when the lion was being bad scaring the tin man and scarecrow. He yelled "BAD, BAD, LION"! It was funny! Braydon also was dancing to the music.

During intermission we were all getting sleepy. This play lasts almost 3 hours!! The second half of the show Braydon did fall asleep about the time that the flying monkeys came around. Nolan stayed awake.

On the way back to the car Nolan kept singing "We're off to see the wizard".

Nolan thanked me the next morning for taking him and he said it was "Awesome Mom".

.....and that is a great way to start out the new year!