Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Braydon's Birth Story

Where do I begin on this one.......Braydon was a pleasant surprise. I was to go to the infertility specialists the following week when I found out I had another miracle on the way. We were going to get the ball rolling on the fertility drugs if needed since we had such a time getting pregnant with Nolan, my first son. Needless to say I was able to cancel my appointment with them. Yippee-skippee!
I was put on progesterone for the first trimester until my progesterone numbers were high enough to support my pregnancy. (I also had this with Nolan). This pregnancy was a bit nerve-racking. I had a blood clot in my uterus and bled for over 6 weeks during my second trimester. We prayed and prayed that he would make it through and that my body would get rid of the blood clot without harming my little miracle. The prayers worked! I developed gestational diabetes again. We didn't have the pregnancy induced hypertension like we did with Nolan. BUT, this pregnancy was officially labeled as high risk because of my autoimmune disorders of Lupus and Sjogren's Syndrome. I had been diagnosed right after my last pregnancy. I had 29 level II ultrasounds, mostly to make sure that his heart was developing correctly. His little heart was perfect. Thank goodness!
We made it just shy of 37 weeks. I was getting two non-stress tests a week and my creatine/protein levels were rising fast. My doctor called me and said that he would like for me to get a amniocentesis done to make sure Braydon's lungs were developed. ACK! I tried to get out of it. The thought of a needle going in my belly to my uterus made me sweat bullets. My doctor said that with my health deteriorating he would feel better knowing that Braydon's lungs were fully developed. We were on the fence with my health and he thought I shouldn't go much longer. He even gave me his cell phone number to call him if I felt anything was wrong. We got an appointment a couple days later to get an amnio done on April 19, 2006. My mom went with me to have the procedure done because my husband was picking up his mom, Kathleen at the airport. We knew that if Braydon's lungs got the OK, things were going to move fast! We didn't want Kathleen to miss the birth of her 2nd grandson. I didn't mind my husband not being there physically. I know he was thinking of me and the baby. Besides, as much as I love my husband, sometimes I still want MY MOMMY to hold my hand during scary times. The amnio wasn't as bad as I had thought, but I definitely didn't enjoy it!That same day I received the call that his lungs were developed completely. I called my Doctor on his cell phone and told him the news like he asked me to. He said for me to check into the hospital that night and we would have a C-section in the morning. Amazingly, I had a stork sit outside my window at the hospital that night perched on a lamp post. Hmmm.... maybe it is true that storks bring babies after all!
I had my favorite nurse that I remembered from when I had Nolan help me through the night. She started my IV and put the baby monitor's on me. I hardly slept and when she checked in on me, she made sure I was comfortable. My husband stayed at home with our 20 month old and came bright and early the next morning to be with me before surgery. Finally, around 11:30am I was being wheeled to the operating room. John suited up in his scrubs and had to wait for me until I was prepped for surgery. The spinal I got was NOT FUN! The first one did not take and hurt like heck. The anesthesiologist made a second attempt and it was successful. (That one hurt like heck too). My arms were strapped down and a sheet was draped like a curtain. John was brought in and he was all smiles this time. He knew what to expect this time and didn't turn green when the surgery started. Amazingly, Braydon was out before I even knew it. There was no pressure or pulling sensations like I had with my first C-section. My doctor even mentioned that he had told his staff that this would be a tricky surgery and he admitted that it was the easiest C-section he had in a while.

Once again I told John to go with Braydon and that I would be fine. In the recovery room I had a lot of mixed up feelings. Would I love this child as much as Nolan? Will I be a good Mommy? I wonder if they will give ice chips....LOL. My mouth was sooooooo dry! I went through 3 cups of ice chips and TONS of itching. I itched so bad coming off the spinal. I thought I was one big mosquito bite! Needless to say I do love Braydon as much as Nolan and I think I do pretty good at being a mommy. The three of us turned into four of us..........

Monday, February 25, 2008

Nolan's Birth Story

Nolan was well worth the wait. John and I prayed for this to happen. You see, I had some minor fertility problems. I was not ovulating. No egg = no baby! I went on 3 months of birth control to regulate my monthly flow. I would have "george" come visit once a month, but still I did not ovulate. I went on 100mg of clomid and still did not ovulate. My doctor upped my dosage to 150mg and I ovulated!! Still no baby! The third time was a charm. I took 150mg of clomid again and became pregnant! Woo-HOO!!! Now, fast forward to August 2004. I had gestational diabetes and pregnancy induced hypertension. Both were under control, but after a stress test I had earlier in the week the doctor and I decided to have my labor induced. On August 5, 2004 John took me to eat at my favorite chinese restaurant before we checked into the hospital that evening.
We checked in around 8:30PM and I got the L&D room I wanted. (I saw this one during our hospital tour.) We had the biggest one the hospital offered. It was spacious and didn't feel like the walls were enclosing around you. I changed into the "Shrek Look-A-Like" hospital gown and soon had blood work drawn and an IV started. They strapped the monitors on to check out me and the baby. My Doctor came in around 10pm and said that they would start me on pitocin (the devil's drug I would later call it.) They did not want to give me Cytotex to soften my cervix because my Doctor didn't like my blood pressure being high. She had explained that they could control my contractions and turn off the pitocin if necessary, but they wouldn't be able to if they gave me the cytotex. By 11:30 pm I fell asleep. I woke up shortly after 5am and noticed my bed was wet. I woke up John and told him either I just wet the bed or my water broke. We paged the nurses and they had me in a clean bed and shrek gown within minutes. I was having contractions, but they were hardly noticeable at this time. Piece of cake FOR NOW!
My Doctor came in early around 7:00AM and broke my water all the way. Apparently, I hadn't officially broke my water completely. It couldn't have been more than 30 minutes and I wanted MY mommy!! The labor pain was definitely hitting me like a baseball bat to the back! The devil drug AKA pitocin was making me have one contraction after another. My family soon arrived and helped me keep my spirits up. I remember my sister and my mom rubbing my back. It seems like a fuzzy dream now. I remember my mom saying that this is the only pain you get a reward for....a baby!

Soon, I asked for something to take the edge off the contractions....they claimed to have given me something, but I don't remember there being any difference at all on the pain. I was having back labor and it hurt like a kidney stone. My doctor kept checking to see how much I dilated. Unfortunately, it was moving slow and Nolan was carrying high. Sometime after Noon I asked for an epidural. I was at 4 1/2 to 5 cm dilated. OF COURSE...I was the last lady who asked for one and therefore I was the last to get it. Originally, I was petrified to get an epidural prior to being in labor. I HATE needles! I soon was praying for it and it did become my best friend the next few hours. The anesthesiologist was going through his speech about the epidural and I told him just to do it! I really didn't feel a thing. The labor pain was all that was on my mind. Within 2 minutes I felt soooooooooo much better.
I was being monitored closely the next few hours because every time I had a contraction Nolan's heart rate went down and would not recover as fast as the hospital staff would like. We even turned the pitocin off to give little Nolan a break for 30 minutes and then restart it. Unfortunately, his heart just couldn't handle the stress with each contraction. Around 4:00pm my Doctor strongly suggested a C-section. I was disappointed yet concerned for Nolan, so my husband and myself agreed to the C-section. I was shaved....yes, shaved a bit down there. It is a bikini cut incision really low! LOL, Like I would wear a bikini! John was asked to change into his scrubs and they would come get him when they had me prepared for surgery. They strapped my arms down and placed a huge sheet draped in front of me. I felt like I couldn't breathe. I remember them taking a paperclip like thing and asking if I could feel them poking me with it. I did at first, then I didn't feel a thing. My husband came in and the surgery started immediately. The one thing I remember during the C-section was the pressure I felt from the nurses pushing down on my belly. I really thought my lungs were going to come out of my mouth. I felt like the wind was being knocked out me with each push and pull. Finally at 4:47pm on August 6, 2004 Nolan was born. My husband had tears in his eyes. I think he was happy he didn't pass out....he turned the color of his scrubs for the first minute of the surgery and I remember asking him if HE WAS OK. After I was introduced to my little miracle, I told my husband to go with him and that I would be fine. I would find time to bond with Nolan shortly after we both recovered from our unexpected surgery.

I had all sorts of emotions running through me while I was in the recovery room. It is strange not to be able to even wiggle your toes while recovering. I was happy, scared, excited, anxious, and full of wonderment! About 90 minutes after Nolan was born we were reunited. We did skin-to-skin contact and breastfed. Our families stayed for a few minutes and then it was just the three of would be that way until another miracle was born and that my friends is another story.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hmmmm...much ado about nothing!

Well, I am trying to think what to blog about. This week has been slow and I still havn't gotten over my cold. I know next week I would like to blog about the birth stories of Nolan and Braydon. I need to dig up older pics of when they were first born.
Braydon is talking up a storm now. He still is the cuddler. When we eat I have to hold his hand. He always wants mommy to hold him. He lifts his arms and says "I want up." Here a couple pictures of him.

Nolan and his Daddy video taped the lunar eclispe the other night. Nolan really likes the moon and stars. He is getting to be a big boy and asks every question imaginable. He also claims that he wants to drive my car already!! ACK!

Monday, February 18, 2008

If I was a cocktail......apparently I'd be this!

The Recipe For Victoria

3 parts Laughter

2 parts Drive

1 part Aspiration

Splash of Imagination

Finish off with a squeeze of lime juice

Friday, February 15, 2008

Be my Valentine!!

We had fun making Valentine's day cards this week! It was Braydon's first time making them. He loved much this was his reaction after we were done. He wanted to make more!! Tonight, we are meeting up with Grandma & Poppy Hann to eat and go to a fun church event for the kids!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

All about me.......well kinda!

First, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Sorry, I havn't posted in a week. I came down with a terrible cold and cough. Needless to say, I am a bit under the weather! But, I feel better since I found my handy-dandy Vicks vapor rub. I searched for it Tuesday night and just about cried because I couldn't find it. Last night I tore the bathroom cabinent apart and found my new best friend named Vick. I grew up on this stuff and I swear by it. I have not used it on the boys yet, but I am sure the time is coming! They make a children's Vicks. Has anyone tried it? We had a funny incident the other night. Braydon drank all his juice, so we gave him a splash of sprite. He took a drink and threw it on the floor. (He wasn't expecting something fizzy) John picked up the sippy cup and the pressure from the sprite caused it to squirt 4 feet in the direction of a poor man that was eating with friends. Thank goodness he didn't seem to mind, but I am sure he didn't plan on having a "sprite" shower!! I have pictures to download that include the boys making handmade Valentine's cards. I won't go into detail about this because that is another blog for the near future.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

1st school project for Nolan

This week is "take care of your pet week" at school for Nolan. He picked out a dog to have as his pet. It is a plastic yellow lab named Cheyenne. (he named her) They are learning the responsibilities of being a pet owner. He came home Tuesday with his dog and said he wanted a bed for his dog. We made a small bed out of an old sock and a top of a jewelry box. He also said he wanted a doghouse....well, that would have to be my DH job!! He is the carpenter in the family!

They started by finding a piece of cardboard. DH shaped it into a house and even put siding and shingles on the roof made of cardboard. Nolan had fun helping his Daddy with this. He was so proud. He took the doghouse they made into school and shared it with the other kids. Last night they painted the doghouse blue and red. Nolan's favorite colors! Here are pictures of the work in progress.

Nolan is taking after his Daddy with projects. He was so focused on making sure it was right.
I don't know who had more fun... Nolan or his Daddy! LOL

Now Braydon was very interested at first..... here is Braydon after he realized he wasn't going to get to paint the doghouse!

Here is the finished product!!!! He can't wait to take it into school to share with his friends!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Things I Love...

I love these older pictures of my 2 lil pumpkins. (Courtesy of Grandma Corbett). She has them posted on her ebay "me" page. Braydon is about 2-3 months and Nolan is 22-23 months in these pictures. Do you ever think about the little things people do that make us happy? Especially family, they do things that we love....

I love it when Nolan brushes the hair out of my eyes....
I love it when Braydon giggles so hard, he sounds like woody wood pecker...
I love it when Nolan gives his brother a kiss for no reason...
I love it when my DH gives me a kiss for no reason...
I love it when Braydon runs to me and hugs my legs...
I love it when we have a big family hug...
I love it when Nolan tells me he loves me just out of the blue...
I love it when DH tells me he loves me just out of the blue...
I love it when Braydon grabs a hairbrush to get his hair combed (he loves this)...
I love DH and my 2 lil pumpkins!