Sunday, March 15, 2009

Toadly Fun

We took the boys to a "bouncy" toy indoor park today called Toadly Fun. It was cold and rainy out this past weekend. They had so much energy bottled up...this was our solution!

We let them run around for an hour going from bouncy to bouncy. They ran around non-stop! It amazes me all the energy they have. I want some!

Braydon is now tall enough to climb even in the big ones. I almost had a heart attack as he climbed this with his brother. It was like 10 feet up.

Here they are ready to slide down the 12 ft. slide. It was funny when they made it to the bottom...their hair stood up with all the static. I tried to get a picture, but they were off running to the next one.

Everyone is tuckered out and taking naps including Daddy! I think I am going to surprise them with a party tonight. I think I will make a few favorite finger foods before they get up and pop some popcorn later while we watch a movie. (the boys love popcorn) I think I will wash some strawberries too! Yummy...want to join?


Jenny said...

That's such a sweet idea to surprise them with a party! Suzi likes to go to inflatable places too, but we have to watch her carefully to be sure the big kids don't trample her. Or carry her off, lol. The other day a little girl picked her up while she was climbing up to the slide at Barrett's Place. Suzi gave her the dirtiest look!

GrandmaKathleen said...

What a terrific way to use up their energy having fun with slides and all those bouncy pieces.