Monday, March 23, 2009

Consignment Time!!!

Well, it is that time again to get rid of the older outgrown clothes and toys...and bargin shop for new ones with Upstate Kids . I LOVE this sale because I make enough to turn around and buy a wardrobe fit for a king for Nolan & Braydon.

I have nearly 50 items I am selling...mostly boys size 18-24 month clothing. I strongly suggest if your local to Anderson, SC to visit their website and look for times when you can shop. I think it is open to the public this Friday @ 10:00am.

I am excited!!


GrandmaKathleen said...

I wish you the best at this Consignment Fair. What a fabulous means of recycling clothes and toys that your children no longer use or need to others who have the need. May you be successful in selling all your items and be successful in finding clothes in the sizes that Nolan and Braydon will use now and in the years to come.Good luck and Happy Selling and Buying.:)

Jenny said...

I got a bunch of cool stuff tonight, and was home before 7:30. My favorite find was a REAL Cabbage Patch Kid--the kind that even has a cloth face, and cost around $200 at Babyland General. I got it for $8. She is a little smudged, but I will either clean her myself or call and see if they'll do it at the place in Georgia :-)