Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nolan's Gymnastic Moves!

Nolan went to his friend's birthday party at Electric City Gymnastics. This was his 2nd party there and he loves it! Here are a few pictures of him doing somersaults, jumping like a monkey, and building strength.

As you can see by the smile he loves it!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Six Things You May Not Know About Me.....

I was tagged by Jenny at here it goes...

1) I am VERY...VERY...afraid of spiders. Little ones...big ones...anything that looks like a spider. For me to kill a spider that may be as big as a dime (legs and all) I have to really mentally prepare myself for it...with breathing exercises and all!

2) I should have been a meteorologist.(Did I spell this right) I am obsessed with hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms. I can keep the weather channel on for hours!

3) I like to try new things....I have swam with stingrays and sharks. (of course I was practically sitting on my husband's and sister's head). I went on a banana boat going a zillion miles an hour only to be thrown 12 feet in the air. I really want to ride a zip line across the tops of trees....that will be my next endeavor!

4) My hubs and I met on the Internet back in 1994. There really wasn't an Internet back then....I don't know what it was called....but it was by accident over the computer!

5) I never did actually take the "Driving Part" of the test when you are 16. I only took the written part and somehow they handed me a license and of course at that age I didn't say a word. I still can't parallel park!

6) Ignorant people annoy me...not genuine stupid people....but ignorant people!

I think I will tag Memory Hunting.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Day Of Putt-Putt

Well.....they at least know that they use the stick to hit the ball!

"I think the ball goes in this hole Daddy!"

Daddy will show Nolan and Braydon where the ball goes!

And this is how you use that's called a golf club.

Nolan used it more like a hockey stick! LOL

They are getting the hang of it!

One day Nolan will get a hole in one!

Braydon knows how to get a hole in one!

A winning smile!

Well....Braydon does know where the ball is suppose to go!

Hole 18....who won? Daddy did get a real hole in one, but the boys had the best time....I think it was a tie!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I WON Celine Dion Tickets!!

I was listening to my favorite radio station this morning and decided to pick up the phone and call for the "Pick Your Idiot" game that Magic 98.9 plays with the morning crew of TK & Monnie. You have 60 seconds to get as many answers correct. Think of the prymaid gameshow on TV. That is how it is played! I was excited when they told me I was player #1. This meant that I could pick which DJ I wanted to play with. I picked Monnie. She normally doesn't win as much as TK....but something told me to pick her. I pulled over the side of the road so I could concentrate! Both Nolan and Braydon were wondering what I was doing. LOL They could hear Nolan in the background talking and asked what his name was. (this child has been on more radio shows than ever....he bound to be a star!)

I couldn't tell you all the words I got is a bit of a blur! I remember guessing fortune, advantage, drill, power tool, and one other I can't remember! The other girl got only 3 right....and of course I thought her words were easier. ;) SO....I WON!

Hubs and I have a date for Jan.17, 2009 in Atlanta! It is on a Saturday and we will probably spend the night somewhere nice in Atlanta too!

John and I have been blessed winning things. Maybe it is good karma....good luck....or good whatever....I hope it continues! Of course our biggest prize was last year win John won the 1962 Convertible T-bird! Take a peek if you haven't heard of this story!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birthday Surprise from Poppy & Grams in Rhode Island

Here are the two matching Elmo shirts the boys received from Poppy, Gramma, & Uncle Mark! They had a fun surprise package that arrived for them and also for mommy and daddy too! Here is a short slideshow of the opening present frenzy!

THANKS Poppy and Gramma! We love and miss you!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Funnies!

When Nolan and Auntie Crystal were playing with Lightning McQueen and Mater this past weekend (Nolan was McQueen and Auntie was Mater)......Auntie Crystal said "Hey...McQueen, do you need a tow?" Nolan looked at the bottom of his Lightning McQueen and shook his head..."No, I don't need a toe...I have tires!"

This morning, I was undoing Nolan's shoelaces that were triple tied. There was a good knot that I was struggling to get out...Braydon leans over Nolan's shoe and at that time my hand shot up punching him in the nose!! I finally got the knot out! Braydon looks at me and crinkles his nose and furrows his brows together. "MOMMY!!! DON'T DO THAT!" I was giggling so hard as I was giving him a hug.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Diego Party....Part II

Well, after we found the #4 birthday candle that the Bo-Bo's hid we had cake and icecream!! It was delicious. The icing was not that "sickening" sweet that you have to scrape away. Here are some more pictures! Enjoy!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Nolan's Deigo Party.....Part I

Pictures of Nolan's cake! It was yummy!

I made up a Diego adventure of sorts for the little ones. I told them that the Bo-Bo monkeys (Diego's mischievous sidekicks) stole the number 4 birthday candle and we had to follow the clues that they left behind. I made up a few clues that rhymed and the kids loved it. Here is a slideshow of our Deigo Adventure!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Charleston Fun!

This is out on the battery in Charleston. We had a great time. Here is a slide show of some of my favorite pictures!

We went on a horse carriage first ever and had some of the history of Charleston told to us by our guide named Ron. He told about us everything from ghosts to where George Washington went to church for a time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I can't believe this Tater Tot is 4 today!!

Today my oldest turns 4!! It is hard to believe. We are planning to have a big party on Saturday with his friends. I think the count is up to 9 kids. He loves parties and is very excited! He is growing up to be a very caring young man with a curious streak in him. He likes to take things apart just like his daddy and loves tinkering in the garage with him!

Happy Birthday Nolan!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bib Clip Winner

The winner of the bib clips is #6......

Tuesday Girl


Monday, August 4, 2008

And The Winner IS...

****I will announce this by tomorrow morning.....tune in! :)