Monday, March 2, 2009

We had over 5 inches...

This was taken about 6:00 last night. It was still light out but we had thundersnow happening. Yes....we actually had thunderstorms with snow!!

This was about 8:45am this morning. The boys had a fun tracking through the snow. This was Braydon's and Nolan's first real snowfall other than a dusting to an inch.

The snow came down really wet and then it kinda became icy and crunchy. We actually have a little snow left, and a bit of slush. The news station claims that with our low of 19 expected tonight will refreeze everything ans cause black ice.

The boys' friend was out and they helped a little with the snowman....and then a snowball fight broke out. LOL

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GrandmaKathleen said...

Yikes! Your weather should be without snow. The boys looked like they were having fun. Too bad the snow was not soft enough to roll into a nice snowman, theirs looks pretty good.