Friday, March 27, 2009

Circus Time Again

We are going to the Shriner's Circus tomorrow night with the boys. (I am sorry if I offend anyone who is against going to the circus) I support the Shriners and what they do for the childrens hospitals across the country.

We love to see all the clowns, elephants, tigers, acrobats, and other acts the circus has to offer. We can't wait!

The consignment sale is going great. I bought 20 pieces of clothing for $58.00 yesterday and plan to go on Sunday when it is 50% off. I have sold a little over $30.00 as of last night and today is the first day open to the public.

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GrandmaKathleen said...

Enjoy the circus. With Nolan and Braydon being a year older they will enjoy the performaces more than last year.

So glad your consignmnet sale is going so well. May you find some more real bargains.