Thursday, July 3, 2008

WALL -E Disney Pixar movie

Well....we did it! Hubs and I took the boys to their first movie last Sunday. We saw WALL-E. It was cute and had a lot of meaning to what humans are doing to the Earth in the sense of pollution and littering.

As we walked in the boys' eyes got big and Nolan said "it is a BIIIIIG TV." All was well and about 1/2 way through the movie Nolan starts looking around and seems to be getting anxious. He looks at me and asks where the door is! It is stadium seating and the doors are under us. I tried to explain this to him. He was very worried that we were in a box and couldn't get out.

Braydon did very well. He must of munched on 1/2 a HUGE bag of popcorn. (he takes after poppy) Nolan eventually settled down in Daddy's arms for a while.

They both loved it and Nolan was upset because he was ready to see another movie. Any other "G" rated movies out there??


GrandmaKathleen said...

What a thrill for the children.
So glad they enjoyed it and were able to sit through the movie being so young.
I was trying to think back to my boys first theater movie experience , and I only remember "Superman I" movie came out in 1978 Mark was 5 and John Michael was 7.

Check with your local theater and find out if they are having a "Kids Movie Series"
One of our local theaters at Lincoln Mall has one at 10am daily and children are free and adults can pay $2.00 or get in free with a can food donation.
John and I went a few times last year, there were babies in carriages, and sometimes lots of noise, but we still enjoyed the movie. My favorite was Charlotte's Web Excellent, loved Wilbur, (voice by Dominic Scott Kay, age 10)
The voice of Charlotte, the spider, is Julia Roberts. I love the Pixar movies.
Here are a few of my favorites
There are previews at
Over the Hedge
"I love kids movies"

Kelly said...

I bet it was such a cool experience for them! I remember my mom taking me and my sisters to the movies when we were little. We loved it!

SuburbanDaddy said...

SuburbanMommy took Thing2 to see Kung Fu Panda. He fell asleep during the last 15 minutes. He has never, ever, fallen asleep watching TV, is the lightest sleeper, but falls asleep in loud movie theater.