Friday, July 25, 2008

Go Diego in the making!

Well.....the invitations are sent! My oldest is turning 4 soon and wants to have a Diego party. I bought these invitations at partycity. I was going to make them, but time sneaked up! I put that the party was being held at Diego's Rainforest with our home address. NOW...I have two weeks to prepare...anyone have any ideas on how to transform a house and yard into a rainforest? Money is a big issue...I need to be frugal here! I found these cute compass rings that I attached to each invitation. I was looking for magnifying glasses but didn't have any luck.

I am ordering online cute little plastic binoculars that the kids can decorate with Deigo/Dora stickers and use on their rainforest animal rescue. I have been talking to Hubs and he is going to help me put together a skit that involves Mama McCaw looking for lost Baby McCaw...or Mama Jaguar looking for Baby Jaguar.

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