Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen....Funny things my boys have said or done!

1) Nolan looks at me with a wrinkled nose and says "What happened in there?" He opened the door to Braydon's class this morning and a little one apparently just made a dirty diaper that smelled of the meadows. He closed that door real fast!

2) Braydon laughs so hard he snorts like a little pig.

3) When I tell Nolan "I love you, baby!" He exclaims "I am NOT a baby....I am a BBBIIIGGGG boy mommy"!

4) Braydon makes fun of his daddy already. He really does. He just turned two and he imitates his daddy when he snores. I pointed this out to John and Braydon just giggles at his daddy when he asks him about it. Then he snores at him.

5) Nolan told his Grandma Corbett to give Poppy Corbett a kiss and rub his belly because Poppy Corbett is in the hospital not feeling good! Get better POPPY!

6) Braydon doesn't like the texture of certain foods. He makes a wrinkled nosed face and spits it out and exclaims "NO"!

7) Nolan was upset the other day when Daddy forgot to put his booster seat back in Mommy's car. We had to borrow the neighbor's spare booster seat. He got on the phone and said very sternly "Daddy, you don't ever do that again"! (he was shaking his finger at the phone)

8) Both of the boys love to have parties for everything. We had a party last night because it was the middle of the week!

9) Every time Daddy sits or lays down on the floor....the kids attack him. They love to wrestle him.

10) Every little thing that seems to come out of Nolan's mouth is phrased as a question. He will ask 12-15 questions in less than a minute. Seriously!

11) When we were visiting my sister...we went to the wrong restaurant to meet my parents. Nolan was so tuckered out that he slept on a chair curled up in a ball when we finally got there.

12) Braydon doesn't like to be told "no". He will get embarrassed and cover his eyes and peak out to see who is looking.

13) Both of the imitating me doing fish lips. They will chase me around the house!


GrandmaKathleen said...

Those are so cute. Thanks for sharing them. A smile was on my face as I read them.
You and John Michael are such wonderful parents and love the boys so much, that they love you both in return.
Last night when Nolan told me to kiss Poppy and rub his belly, I became emotional. I didn't leave the hospital until 10pm when we were told his results of his Cat Scan that they did at 8:30pm. We were told there was NO obstruction in his colon and that he had a bacterial infection that they would care for. Great news!
"Praise the Lord"
Love you guys,
hugs and kisses,
Grandma in RI

Kelly said...

Hahaha..that is so funny! Especially about Nolan making fun of John. He's so young! I can't wait to hear what else those two get in to.