Friday, July 11, 2008

"I want to give you a hand Mommy"

Hmmmmmm....I thought. What does he mean by this? I was dropping him off at daycare/school. I didn't need him to carry anything.....I was just fine.

"I want to give you a hand mommy!" He shaped his little hand into a fist....I did the same. He then bumped his fist with mine. Knuckles to knuckles. I had to laugh! He learned a new "handshake" and he is still only 3.

He must of gave me about 5 hands this morning. He was so proud to show me.


GrandmaKathleen said...

How cute.
Amazing what is learned by peers at daycare!
I love this photo
I will have to remember to give him "a hand" when I see him in the Fall.

Jenny said...

Aww! Did you know that's what Barack Obama's wife does?