Monday, July 14, 2008

Tagged by Knotted Apronstrings!

I was tagged by Knotted Apronstrings which right now has a fabulous post about the Highland Games. So does her daughter at babyfingers!

Here we go.....

1)What was I doing ten years ago? I was getting ready to be engaged....I really didn't know it at the time and working my butt off at Red Lobster as a manager. Working 60+ hours a week. YUK!

2)What are five things on your to-do list today? Doing this tag, receiving and putting numbers into excel for the boutiques, looking for a hotel for Charleston, visiting my friend Jill for lunch, and giving my husband and boys big kisses and hugs!

3)Snacks I enjoy....I like chocolate covered strawberries, I also like this hot cheese dip my Dad makes with chips or pretzels....ooohhh I love good cheese too.

4)Things I would do if I was a billionaire. I would take a BIIIIG vacation first. I love to travel. Maybe a Disney Cruise and then Disney with my family and extended family. I would also go on a vacation without the boys or anyone else except with Hubs to New Zealand or Fiji for a week. I would also contribute to a local children's charity for abused children. The animal shelter could use some help boys could help with this one! My project would be to have a Sjogren's support group developed and maybe even a clinic for people with autoimmune diseases specifically Sjogrens, Lupus, and MS. All the autoimmune diseases that deal with connective tissue.

5)Places I have lived. Where do I begin? Oregon, Myrtle Beach, North Dakota, 2 places in Ohio, 2 places in Germany (stuttgart and Frankfurt), Connecticutt, and Clemson, Pendleton, and Anderson South Carolina....also a brief month in Massachusetts.

6)Jobs I have had. YMCA Daycare, Church daycare, receptionist, intern interior designer, restaurant manager, customer service specialist, certified lactation educator, and most important a MOM!

7) I am suppose to tag 5 people....but I think I'll tag Booda's Business!