Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Whew! I think everyone is back on the road to being well!

Little Braydon was sick last week. It started with a cough on Sunday the 13th. By Monday, I decided to put him on his nebulizer for breathing treatments. (we have been using this on him a good bit this fall/winter season). I didn't think much more of it, because he was in good spirits until late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. He woke up with a fever last Wednesday morning and was crying. He must of really felt bad because I couldn't put him down. He wanted his Mommy. Thank goodness work is very understanding when it comes to needing time off when your kids are sick. I am very blessed to be working with great people at the hospital! He continued to run a fever, and on Friday we found out he had RSV. (I had a strong suspicion that was what we were dealing with). Luckily, we had been doing everything we needed to do to care for him during this time. We were told he should start feeling better in the next day or two. The last time he had a fever was Friday night. He is doing much better. Hopefully, we can get off the nebulizer in a couple of weeks! Nolan has had a slight cough too, but you would never know it. He is a munchkin FULL of energy!

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GrandmaKathleen said...

We are so glad that the Corbetts in SC are all well. I love Braydon's kneeling position, so cute. He takes after his Uncle Mark when he was very young, that was a favoite position of his.
BTW, today we got hit with 3 inches of snow and bitter cold freezing weather. 20's