Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Monkeying Around!!

Is that how you spell monkeying? It looks funny! :) Anyways, the past 2 weekends we have gone to a place called Monkey Joes. It is an indoor playplace with inflatable "bouncey toys".... at least that is what Nolan calls them. A good friend of mine at work has 2 grandsons and went here and highly reccommended Monkey Joes. Great idea Melanie, thanks! I am posting a few pictures and as you can tell by their faces they had a blast.

Nolan can climb these inflatables that are HUGE, and Braydon wants to. Braydon gets upset for 2.2 seconds, but he soon starts smiling and bouncing on the 3 & under inflatables. Oh yeah, we have been using this as an incentive to get Nolan COMPLETELY potty trained. It seemed to have been working pretty good until he had an accident at Monkey Joes this past Sunday. He has more good days than bad lately, thank goodness. I think potty training has been one of the most difficult challenges as a parent for me personally. I sure hope Braydon catches on faster, we will be getting him started soon. I think he will since he wants to do everything his older brother does. Enjoy!


GrandmaKathleen said...

There is no doubt about it Nolan and Braydon are having a blast. You can see it in the expressions on their adorable little faces. I cannot wait to see them again, to hold them and give them many hugs and kisses and to go with them to this Monkey Joes. It seems like a fabulous place, much better than Mc Donalds playyards or even Chucky Cheese. Perhaps they will franchise to the east coast. Victoria thank you so much for doing this blog, I greatly appreciate it. Your family in RI gets to stay in touch with you, John and the boys. Love it:)lol

Vicky said...

Thanks! I am glad you are enjoying it. I enjoy reading your blog too. John even asks if you or I put anything new on the blogs. He visits them, but doesn't comment on them. I think he is enjoying this too. :)

Jenny said...

These pictures are adorable and they look like they're having so much fun! I can't wait to take Suzi there when she gets bigger. It kind of makes me miss being little. I remember being so ticked off when I was taller than the Hamburglar's finger at McDonald's and couldn't play anymore.