Monday, January 14, 2008

"In a minute, Mommy"

My youngest is taking after his older brother. You see, every time I ask Nolan to do something or to come here, his automatic response is "In a minute, Mommy." Now, for the first time my 20 month old has officially answered me "in a minute, Mommy." It is annoyingly funny. At what point will it be just annoying? Hopefully never. They get the phrase "IN A MINUTE" from me as my DH has brought to my attention.

Now on to other news, Nolan had great weekend with no accidents in his pants. I think the last time was Thursday morning. He has #1 down with no problems, but doing #2 in the potty scares him for some reason. I could go into more on this subject, but I will spare you the details!

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GrandmaKathleen said...

Tell Nolan that Grandma, Poppy and Uncle Mark says
"Hip Hip Hooorah for Nolan, no accidents WOW, we are so proud of him.
Great that Braydon is putting his words together to make sentences.
They both are learning and growing up too quickly...............