Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Things children say that make us laugh

Nolan climbed onto my lap the other day. My wedding ring scratched his leg a little bit and I told him I was sorry. He immediately wanted to know if he broke my ring and wanted to know what it was. I explained to him that Daddy gave me this ring because he loved me and that it was a symbol of us being a family. I tried to explain it in more detail and ended up saying "It was a present from Daddy to me." After about 10 seconds of pondering, Nolan looked up at me and said.... "OH, Mommy went potty in the toilet and got a suprise!" It is so funny what goes through their little heads. I chuckled about that all night. My husband, John thought it was funny too.


GrandmaKathleen said...
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GrandmaKathleen said...

Sometimes it can sadden us, too.
I remember John Michael coming home from Kindergarten crying, actually sobbing. (he was a wreck, so emotional)When I asked him what was the matter. He said, "Mommy I'm losing my teeth, here is the one Mrs Lees gave me to bring home." It never dawned on John or me to tell him that this was okay and that it would happen some day and that a new tooth would grow in its place that was stronger and would last very long. I told him to brush his teeth everyday and take care of his new tooth. We sat him down and told him all his teeth were baby teeth and eventually would fall out and his mouth would have room for the new stronger tooth to grow. Sure wish we had told him before it happened, so he would not have been so scared

Julie said...

Kids say the cutest things. You are smart to keep a record of them. I'm so glad that you and Jenny are blogging so that your children will have you entries to read when they're older. I wish my relatives had kept journals.

It was great to see you at church yesterday. Do come back!