Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My husband thought he was going to be arrested!

My husband took us out to eat about a week ago and both of our little pumpkins just were not having a good night. You see, between the excitement of Christmas and both of them catching a cold they were not exactly my little angels. Nolan and Braydon whined and cried over every little thing through dinner. My Husband John, did mention that we needed to stay home the next 10 years until they could behave better in restaurants. We did have one highlight of the evening...Nolan serenaded "JINGLE BELLS," to most of the restaurant and Braydon danced to his brother's singing! At the end of dinner, Nolan had to go potty. John took him to the bathroom and within a couple of minutes, Nolan yells......"DADDY, YOU ARE HURTING ME. STOP!!" He repeated this a couple other times inbetween cries. As they exited the bathroom, the whole restaurant was giving my husband a dirty look. He said that he almost yelled out to his audience that he was just wiping his nose! Yes, that was all he did. He wiped Nolan's nose. Nolan has always hated his nose or face to be wiped. He felt like the cops were going to arrest him for endangering a boogey nose! LOL


Jenny said...

I love this story. And that's so cute they were singing and dancing! John should have come out of the bathroom, glared back at them and said "Don't judge me. Eat your peas."

GrandmaKathleen said...

I can imagine the how John must have felt as well as embarrassed for Nolan's remarks. I do remember how he hated having his face cleaned even as an infant. The photo of Nolan makes him look so much older than 3, he has changed so much since August.
Thanks for sharing this cute incident.