Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Six Things You May Not Know About Me.....

I was tagged by Jenny at here it goes...

1) I am VERY...VERY...afraid of spiders. Little ones...big ones...anything that looks like a spider. For me to kill a spider that may be as big as a dime (legs and all) I have to really mentally prepare myself for it...with breathing exercises and all!

2) I should have been a meteorologist.(Did I spell this right) I am obsessed with hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms. I can keep the weather channel on for hours!

3) I like to try new things....I have swam with stingrays and sharks. (of course I was practically sitting on my husband's and sister's head). I went on a banana boat going a zillion miles an hour only to be thrown 12 feet in the air. I really want to ride a zip line across the tops of trees....that will be my next endeavor!

4) My hubs and I met on the Internet back in 1994. There really wasn't an Internet back then....I don't know what it was called....but it was by accident over the computer!

5) I never did actually take the "Driving Part" of the test when you are 16. I only took the written part and somehow they handed me a license and of course at that age I didn't say a word. I still can't parallel park!

6) Ignorant people annoy me...not genuine stupid people....but ignorant people!

I think I will tag Memory Hunting.


Kelly said...

HAHAHA..its nice to know genuine stupid don't annoy you, they cant help it!

Jenny said...

What ignorant person have you recently come across? Just curious.