Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Funnies!

When Nolan and Auntie Crystal were playing with Lightning McQueen and Mater this past weekend (Nolan was McQueen and Auntie was Mater)......Auntie Crystal said "Hey...McQueen, do you need a tow?" Nolan looked at the bottom of his Lightning McQueen and shook his head..."No, I don't need a toe...I have tires!"

This morning, I was undoing Nolan's shoelaces that were triple tied. There was a good knot that I was struggling to get out...Braydon leans over Nolan's shoe and at that time my hand shot up punching him in the nose!! I finally got the knot out! Braydon looks at me and crinkles his nose and furrows his brows together. "MOMMY!!! DON'T DO THAT!" I was giggling so hard as I was giving him a hug.


Jenny said...

That makes me feel a little better. Yesterday, Suzi and I were upstairs and she started to go into the bathroom. I went toward the door and thought I could close it in time, but instead she was about two inches into the doorway. When I pulled the door it clunked her in the head and she fell flat on the floor! Once I realized it didn't hurt her at all, it was funny.

GrandmaKathleen said...

That is so cute. I love the photos of them in their tunnel. They are getting so big.

Kelly said...

LOL..Poor Braydon. I hope I don't do it to Cloe, but if Nikki did...mmm...that would be better