Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birthday Surprise from Poppy & Grams in Rhode Island

Here are the two matching Elmo shirts the boys received from Poppy, Gramma, & Uncle Mark! They had a fun surprise package that arrived for them and also for mommy and daddy too! Here is a short slideshow of the opening present frenzy!

THANKS Poppy and Gramma! We love and miss you!


GrandmaKathleen said...

We are so pleased that you love your Birthday gifts.
Nolan with his bluetooth ear piece is so adorable and Braydon's super smile on "We just love books" is precious. I selected the "B" for Braydon. All the words that begin with his first letter of his name.

The color of the top we gave you looks like it is a great color for you. And John Michael is a comedien, "Where are the Hawaii tickets?" Tell him I took him once to Hawaii, the next time he needs to take his Mom and Dad. I LOVE HAWAII.
Thank you so much for taking these pictures and sharing them on your your blog so we could feel your excitement long distance.

Jenny said...

You really do need to do the consignment sale this time. You've sold stuff on eBay before, and I think you'd be shocked at how much easier this is. No packing stuff in a box and guessing how much it'll take to ship, and no running to the post office. I think there is still a volunteer spot open for the afternoon I'm working if you want to go together (for the Anderson one).

mizmoe said...

Cute pics of the family opening all the gifts. You boys are soooooooo
handsome. Nolan is gonna really get the girls with those eyes!!!!