Monday, August 25, 2008

A Day Of Putt-Putt

Well.....they at least know that they use the stick to hit the ball!

"I think the ball goes in this hole Daddy!"

Daddy will show Nolan and Braydon where the ball goes!

And this is how you use that's called a golf club.

Nolan used it more like a hockey stick! LOL

They are getting the hang of it!

One day Nolan will get a hole in one!

Braydon knows how to get a hole in one!

A winning smile!

Well....Braydon does know where the ball is suppose to go!

Hole 18....who won? Daddy did get a real hole in one, but the boys had the best time....I think it was a tie!

1 comment:

GrandmaKathleen said...

Do we have the beginning of another two Tiger Woods?
What a great family event. Did Mommy play, too?
They looked like they were happy and having so much fun. We will have to go play miniature golf the next time we visit.