Friday, August 22, 2008

I WON Celine Dion Tickets!!

I was listening to my favorite radio station this morning and decided to pick up the phone and call for the "Pick Your Idiot" game that Magic 98.9 plays with the morning crew of TK & Monnie. You have 60 seconds to get as many answers correct. Think of the prymaid gameshow on TV. That is how it is played! I was excited when they told me I was player #1. This meant that I could pick which DJ I wanted to play with. I picked Monnie. She normally doesn't win as much as TK....but something told me to pick her. I pulled over the side of the road so I could concentrate! Both Nolan and Braydon were wondering what I was doing. LOL They could hear Nolan in the background talking and asked what his name was. (this child has been on more radio shows than ever....he bound to be a star!)

I couldn't tell you all the words I got is a bit of a blur! I remember guessing fortune, advantage, drill, power tool, and one other I can't remember! The other girl got only 3 right....and of course I thought her words were easier. ;) SO....I WON!

Hubs and I have a date for Jan.17, 2009 in Atlanta! It is on a Saturday and we will probably spend the night somewhere nice in Atlanta too!

John and I have been blessed winning things. Maybe it is good karma....good luck....or good whatever....I hope it continues! Of course our biggest prize was last year win John won the 1962 Convertible T-bird! Take a peek if you haven't heard of this story!


Jenny said...

NO WAY! That is so exciting! You guys really are lucky. Do you want to start a lottery pool at work, and we'll send you to buy the tickets? LOL. I have won things too, but I win a lot of small things. Heck, it's exciting to win stuff no matter what.

Kelly said...

Hahahaha.. I bet that was so funny, I can picture you zooming to the side of the road. What did I tell you about talking on the cell phone in the car??? I'll let it slide this time, since you won and all! ;)

GrandmaKathleen said...

What a surprise when I read your blog for today. Tickets to a Celine Dion concert. Fabulous
win. You and John deserve such happiness. Enjoy that gift come January 2009

Nolan and Braydon were probably stunned and wondering why Mommy was pulling over and getting so excited with this phone call.

Jenny said...

I tagged you! After this one, I think you, Kelly and I will have done all the tags that are going around.