Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Pet Peeves of mine!

1. Idiots that will not stop their cars when you are on the crosswalk. It is like they truly are blind or stupid...maybe both!

2. Heels that clank on the floor. You know the ones that are REALLY loud like someone bouncing a metal ball on the floor.

3. Parents that smack their kid and tell them they better stop crying. DUH! Let me smack you and see if you stay quiet!!! It's just not right.

4. People who are ignorant about breastfeeding. I agree the choice is yours. However to not breastfeed because you think it is gross or sexual is just weird. Grow up!

5. Pee on a toilet seat! Eeeewwwww. Ladies, use toilet paper!

6. Sorry Hubs....asking me if the air conditioner is working right. My final answer is that it works so great that I walk around with fuzzy socks and a sweater to keep my teeth from chattering. ;)

7. People who have known me for AWHILE and still spell my name with an "i" instead of a "y."

8. Ice cream cones that leak from the bottom. You try to "enjoy" your ice cream cone, but somehow it always turns into a race and you gobble it up!

9. This is one from my earlier days....I would deliver my customers their food and explain that the plate is H-O-T!! They would always grab for the plate after I sat it on the table and exclaim "THIS IS HOT!"

10. Gas Prices. Enough said!

11. People who try and mouth what they want to say across the room without making a sound. I tell them "I do not read lips well!" AND THEY STILL CONTINUE TO MAKE A SILENT CONVERSATION WITH ME! I'd do better with sign language....Hmmmm maybe that is what I'll do the next time that situation happens.

12. Doing the same thing over and over and over again! Like stuffing or addressing envelopes.

13. Cigarette Butts being thrown out of automobiles. Cigarette Butts being left on the ground. HELLO...this is littering and in some states it carries a $500.00 fine. It can take almost 10 years for one of those poisoning pieces of crap to biodegrade.


Kelly said...

HAHAHA...I loved your pet peeves! Am I the one that does the "mouthing the words thing"? LOL..I agree with crosswalks too!

Cakies said...

These made me laugh!!! I am so deaf though (my ears are small.. haha!!!) I really read lips!

GrandmaKathleen said...

You are getting so good at this blogging. Where did you find the terrific graphics?
I hate many of your pet peeves, too:
cigarette butts, noisy heels, melting cones, parents who smack their kids.
Let me add an additional 13:
1.People talking on their cells or putting on makeup/lipstick while driving
2.Dirty filthy cars outside as well as inside
3.Bad drivers- passing on the right, not stopping at stop signs, going through red lights
4.Parking in handicap areas, when not disabled
5. People who smoke in non-smoking areas.
6.Too many commercials during a show or movie on TV
7.Dog owners that do not pick up their dog's poop
8.People who do not response to emails sent or calls
9.Labels that will not come off easily without ruining the surface, like on a book
10.Doctors that cram too many patients in their day and keep you waiting a long time.
11. People who talk while chewing their food and have their mouth open
12.Empty milk jugs or fruit containers left empty in the refrigerator
13.People with poor disgusting manners, as sneezing without a tissue, not washing their hands after going to the bathroom

Jenny said...

I hate these things too! And I'm glad I don't do any of them :-) I love your music player--I'm going to have to get me one. I thought it was pretty hot when David Cook sang Music of the Night. I'm sorry, that is just a sexy song. Don't tell Jordy.

Vicky said... I wasn't talking about you....I think! LOL Cakies....glad I could make you smile! Kathy-I found the graphics on google. I made sure that they were available without copyrights to them. (allowed to be used by anyone) I like your 13 pet peeves too. Especially the passing on the right thing and chewing with your mouth open. Jenny- it will be our secret. I have such a school girl crush on him. He is all that and then some!