Sunday, May 4, 2008

Taking a trip down memory lane

I was browsing through a bunch of older pictures and came across these when I was preggo with both of my boys! Join me with a trip down memory lane. Warning, watch out for HUGE bellies!

I was pregnant back in the summer of 2004 with Nolan. These are pictures in front of our condo with my four-legged child "Cheyenne."

It was very hot that summer. Thank goodness I didn't have morning sickness with him. My husband and I went to childbirth classes...they were a fun experience to share.

Here was his nursery!

I was getting ready to go into the hospital that night when we took this picture. Nolan was 20 months at the time. We had moved into a house that we bought between the two pregnancies.

I had an amnio done that morning (my kidneys were acting up). Everything checked out OK, so it was off to the hospital to get Braydon at 37 weeks!

The memories........


GrandmaKathleen said...

What beautiful memories. You look so lovely as a pregnant Mommy. I am seening these photos for the first time. They are terrific. Love your maternity outfits.
I wish I could find photos of me carrying John Michael and Mark Alan.

Kelly said...

I love seeing past memories of people I see everyday. You should start putting more on here!