Monday, May 26, 2008

Teddy Bear Clinic at Anmed

Kelly and me working the Teddy Bear Clinic!!

On May 17th our hospital we work for had a Teddy Bear Clinic. Let me explain. It is available to children up to age 10. A child will bring it's teddy bear or favorite stuffed animal and see what would happen if it broke it's arm, needed a breathing treatment, a x-ray, or even if their bear needed surgery. It let's a child know what will happen so perhaps the anxiety of coming to the hospital will not be so bad. We had the Clemon Tiger mascot at the event. Here are some pictures of our booth.

The Clemson Tiger!! GO TIGERS!!

My boys came to the event with their daddy to visit me and take a look around.

The helicopter was their favorite!! I think Daddy's too!

Kelly and I had a blast working with all the kids.

We can't wait to do it next year....


GrandmaKathleen said...

Vicky you look so great, the 15 pounds you lost definitely shows. It looks like you really are so happy and enjoyed this bear clinic event tremedously.
I love the boys haircuts, they look so much older. Do they like to have their haircut? Did they go to the barber with John Michael?

Vicky said...

Yes...they love to get their haircut. John takes them to the local barber in town and sometimes to great clips. This time was at the barbershop. Braydon always looks like a little toddler when he gets his haircut...not a baby anymore. *sigh* Nolan just is as handsome as ever.

The teddy bear clinic is fun. Thanks for noticing the weight loss. I have been at a stand still the past two weeks..holding steady at 18 pounds lost, but it will come off sooner than later!

Kelly said...

YEAH! I had so much fun that day! I enjoyed the helicopter too! I hope we get our own table next year! By the way I think we look the shiz in our Indiana Jones hats!