Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Date Night with Hubs

This past Saturday my parents watched our little munchkins so I could have a date night with John. We were celebrating our 8 year anniversary. We had reservations to a fine dining restaurant in our area called Jax New Orleans Bistro . My parents gave us a $25.00 voucher to go towards our meal. It is fabulous and the ambiance is romantic. It was nice that it was just me and my husband for the first time in a few months. There were no kids to tend to. No crayons to pick up off the floor. No sippy cups spilling. No sudden shrieks from my youngest. No fifty questions on why they took my white napkin away from my oldest. We were sat at our table and a lady came by with a black linen napkin and took the white one from my place. She explained that I had black on that they didn't want the white linen to leave any marks on my dress. (I never thought about that....they do leave white fuzz on you).

I enjoyed a glass of wine and hubs had a new orleans dark draft beer. Yummy! I ordered the best french onion soup and John ordered crab bisque. We were served a roll and a sample of molasses butter, garlic butter, and a plain butter. Molasses was my favorite and John liked the garlic. We received a complimentary appetizer of pasta salad topped with a small piece of tenderloin. (The chef prepares an appetizer that comes with all can be anything that he chooses and changes daily. I have heard that he has done sushi too and that it is great).

Our service was impeccable and the meal was timed perfectly. I ordered a peppered tenderloin with a Tabasco cream sauce on it. Hubs ordered a stuffed oyster tenderloin. The presentation of the plates were like art. It tasted magnificent. John was very pleased and can't wait to go back again. Next time we go....I am bring my camera. :) We didn't order dessert, but I saw one come out and it looked great.

We then went and saw the new Indiana Jones Movie. Being a Indiana fan...I thought it was great. The popcorn was good too.

Coincidentally, I wore the same dress that I wore to my dinner rehearsal party 8 years ago. It fits good, but is actually loose. :)


GrandmaKathleen said...

You make a lovely couple. I remember that lovely dress. I have to agree with you that it does seems to fit loosely on you now. You look entirely stunning. Love the new hair style.
I opened the link to the restaurant and read their menus. Reasonably priced for lunch. Mark and I will love the restaurant because he and I enjoyed the Cajun food when we went to New Orleans.
Need to go to lunch there when we visit.
Mark and John saw Indiana Jones last night, they said it was fantastic. I would have gone but I didn't want to spend the money. I will wait until it get to Blockbuster or S&S Redbox(rental only $1.00)

Kelly said...

Aww..thats so sweet. You guys need some alone time. It does the marriage good. Or so I've heard. You looked great Vicky!