Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Funnies!

These are some of the things that my 2 boys have said recently that has made me laugh. I love the way they think!

1. "I need a breathing treatment on my neck." (Nolan woke up with a stiff neck yesterday and thinks his nebulizer is a cure all)

2. "EEEEEEWWWWWW that stinky." (Braydon smelling his feet)

3. "I'll be your best friend." (Nolan tells me this when he wants something)

4. "I love you guys". (Braydon got this from me)

5. "I am on green and had no accidents today." (Nolan greets me at the door at daycare when he has a fantastic day....BTW he got a "GOOD" note sent home yesterday on how well he is behaving)

6. "DADDY!" (what Braydon calls me often.....I'm Mommy!)

7. "Today I am going to build a playground." (Nolan tells me this every morning...DAddy is going to build them one in the next couple of weeks)

8. "NOOOOOWAN." (This is how Braydon calls his brother)

9. "Rub my butt." (I rub my kids' bellies and heads when they hurt...apparently Nolan's butt hurt that day. LOL)

10. "When I grow up, I want to be big like daddy. I also want boobies." (I didn't know what to say to Nolan on this one. LOL )

AND I was working at Impressions at the Cancer Center here at the hospital yesterday...there was the grumpiest old lady I have ever seen....she was really mean and ugly to me and a co-worker. Another customer even told me "God bless you for putting up with that." I don't know what came over me, but the lady said something mean again to me and I looked at my co-worker and said "I don't like helping grumpy old women." A couple minutes later the grumpy lady needed to go to the bathroom and I walked her across the lobby to where it was at. She told me "You sure are fiesty!" and I told her "YOU sure are too!" She finally decided I was ok because she was "tolerable" the rest of her visit!


GrandmaKathleen said...

Love the funnies you submitted. I love the "I'll be your best friend."(Nolan) and "I love you guys". (Braydon)
It is amazing what children will say, that is why Art Linkletter had a very successful show called House Party. Premiered: September 1, 1952 Last Aired: September 5, 1969 "Kids say the darndest things" was a feature that present schoolchildren ages 5 to 10 that were asked priceless questions that they answered that caused the viewers to laugh or the parent to want to hide from embarrassment.

BTW congratulations on winning some more books.

Jenny said...

Well how is Nolan supposed to help his future wife out by taking his turn breastfeeding the baby if he doesn't have any boobies? :-D And you are feisty... in a good way! See you tomorrow.