Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My World Tuesday!!

I thought I would join my mother-n-law in her weekly "My World Tuesday". So, this is my world in downtown Anderson, South Carolina. The first picture is of our police station. The architecture is unique in the downtown area and they are in the process of renovating a variety of old and new buildings.

I call this "Gothom City Courthouse". When it was built about 20 years ago there was a huge uproar in that it did not fit our small city's architecture. I would have to agree, but it has grown on me.

A sidewalk in the downtown area of a local yummy restaurant. In the spring we have local artists come around and display artwork, play music, and it is just a good place to hang around with friends and family.

There are many fountains and garden pathways in our downtown area.
This is just a quick peek in my downtown area of my world in Anderson South Carolina!


Louise said...

Pretty place! I look forward to seeing more of "Gotham City."

The Good Life in Virginia said...

it all looks lovely to me...and sometimes it takes a while for buildings to feel right ;)
have a great week.

GrandmaKathleen said...

Hi Vicky,
What a great first posting on My World Tuesday.
Glad you decided to participate. Next time I visit Anderson I'll need to visit the city, the fountains are charming and add such beauty. sounds like I would love the springtime there,local artists, music and good food.

Grammy said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful world. I love the photos.
Have a great week.
Missouri, USA

Pacey said...

Neat place, and beautiful...thanks for sharing.

Tranquility said...

Wow - what a beautiful city! You've got ours beat hands down!