Sunday, February 15, 2009

Testing 1...2...3 Testing

HA! My Blogger is working at home now! YIPPEE! I can post pictures. These 2 pictures were taken about a week ago. Nolan likes to build and draw buildings right now. That was his latest masterpiece. It had a bathroom and a stall to give cars a bath. :) Braydon was fussing because he didn't want to go down for a nap. That is his "I will NOT do anything I do NOT want to do" look.


Jenny said...

LOL, Vicky, I've seen that look on your face a few times too :-)

GrandmaKathleen said...

Nolan reminded me of all the hours that his father loved to create with his legos."Like father like son"
Love Braydon's "don't want to nap look.
Glad your blogger is working on your home computer.

Vicky said...

Jenny, Yeah we know where he gets it from. LOL

Gma Kathleen, Nolan and Braydon love to create things with legos!

Homeopath said...

Just found your blog...... Interesting.....I’ll be back to read more.