Friday, February 22, 2008

Hmmmm...much ado about nothing!

Well, I am trying to think what to blog about. This week has been slow and I still havn't gotten over my cold. I know next week I would like to blog about the birth stories of Nolan and Braydon. I need to dig up older pics of when they were first born.
Braydon is talking up a storm now. He still is the cuddler. When we eat I have to hold his hand. He always wants mommy to hold him. He lifts his arms and says "I want up." Here a couple pictures of him.

Nolan and his Daddy video taped the lunar eclispe the other night. Nolan really likes the moon and stars. He is getting to be a big boy and asks every question imaginable. He also claims that he wants to drive my car already!! ACK!


GrandmaKathleen said...

Wow! We cannot imagine Nolan at age 3 wanting to drive your car!

Each time you post photos of the boys, they are getting to look so much older and definitely most adorable. Cannot wait to see them again. It has been 6 months too long.

Looking forward to the blog about their births. I'll look up my files and see if I have some that you might want to use. Fortunately the Corbetts were in Anderson for the births of both boys. What a joy! The first moments were breath-taking and we will always cherish those memories in our lives.

Paper Propaganda said...

you have very cute kids! those moments are something to definitely treasure!

Jenny said...

Aww... Do you think you'll let him drive your SUV if you still have one when he's in high school? At least it'd be safer for him than a tiny compact car. Plus you could tell him he has to pay for gas and then he couldn't get very far :-) The other day I checked the blogs you've linked and they are interesting! (Mama Knows Breast and Suburban Turmoil) Where do you find these things? I tried hitting the "next blog" button while I'm surfing blogs, hoping to see other mommy blogs, but instead racy pictures of boobs and other things started coming up! They don't censor these blogs AT ALL!