Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Braydon's Birth Story

Where do I begin on this one.......Braydon was a pleasant surprise. I was to go to the infertility specialists the following week when I found out I had another miracle on the way. We were going to get the ball rolling on the fertility drugs if needed since we had such a time getting pregnant with Nolan, my first son. Needless to say I was able to cancel my appointment with them. Yippee-skippee!
I was put on progesterone for the first trimester until my progesterone numbers were high enough to support my pregnancy. (I also had this with Nolan). This pregnancy was a bit nerve-racking. I had a blood clot in my uterus and bled for over 6 weeks during my second trimester. We prayed and prayed that he would make it through and that my body would get rid of the blood clot without harming my little miracle. The prayers worked! I developed gestational diabetes again. We didn't have the pregnancy induced hypertension like we did with Nolan. BUT, this pregnancy was officially labeled as high risk because of my autoimmune disorders of Lupus and Sjogren's Syndrome. I had been diagnosed right after my last pregnancy. I had 29 level II ultrasounds, mostly to make sure that his heart was developing correctly. His little heart was perfect. Thank goodness!
We made it just shy of 37 weeks. I was getting two non-stress tests a week and my creatine/protein levels were rising fast. My doctor called me and said that he would like for me to get a amniocentesis done to make sure Braydon's lungs were developed. ACK! I tried to get out of it. The thought of a needle going in my belly to my uterus made me sweat bullets. My doctor said that with my health deteriorating he would feel better knowing that Braydon's lungs were fully developed. We were on the fence with my health and he thought I shouldn't go much longer. He even gave me his cell phone number to call him if I felt anything was wrong. We got an appointment a couple days later to get an amnio done on April 19, 2006. My mom went with me to have the procedure done because my husband was picking up his mom, Kathleen at the airport. We knew that if Braydon's lungs got the OK, things were going to move fast! We didn't want Kathleen to miss the birth of her 2nd grandson. I didn't mind my husband not being there physically. I know he was thinking of me and the baby. Besides, as much as I love my husband, sometimes I still want MY MOMMY to hold my hand during scary times. The amnio wasn't as bad as I had thought, but I definitely didn't enjoy it!That same day I received the call that his lungs were developed completely. I called my Doctor on his cell phone and told him the news like he asked me to. He said for me to check into the hospital that night and we would have a C-section in the morning. Amazingly, I had a stork sit outside my window at the hospital that night perched on a lamp post. Hmmm.... maybe it is true that storks bring babies after all!
I had my favorite nurse that I remembered from when I had Nolan help me through the night. She started my IV and put the baby monitor's on me. I hardly slept and when she checked in on me, she made sure I was comfortable. My husband stayed at home with our 20 month old and came bright and early the next morning to be with me before surgery. Finally, around 11:30am I was being wheeled to the operating room. John suited up in his scrubs and had to wait for me until I was prepped for surgery. The spinal I got was NOT FUN! The first one did not take and hurt like heck. The anesthesiologist made a second attempt and it was successful. (That one hurt like heck too). My arms were strapped down and a sheet was draped like a curtain. John was brought in and he was all smiles this time. He knew what to expect this time and didn't turn green when the surgery started. Amazingly, Braydon was out before I even knew it. There was no pressure or pulling sensations like I had with my first C-section. My doctor even mentioned that he had told his staff that this would be a tricky surgery and he admitted that it was the easiest C-section he had in a while.

Once again I told John to go with Braydon and that I would be fine. In the recovery room I had a lot of mixed up feelings. Would I love this child as much as Nolan? Will I be a good Mommy? I wonder if they will give ice chips....LOL. My mouth was sooooooo dry! I went through 3 cups of ice chips and TONS of itching. I itched so bad coming off the spinal. I thought I was one big mosquito bite! Needless to say I do love Braydon as much as Nolan and I think I do pretty good at being a mommy. The three of us turned into four of us..........


Jenny said...

I was hoping you'd get this up today. I love that picture with the stork! It's so interesting how you can see the inside of your hospital room reflected a little and the bird perched there like it's waiting for something! I sweat bullets just thinking about amnios in general. I am more scared of an amnio than the actual birth process!

GrandmaKathleen said...

A most beautiful story by a most wonderful beautiful daughter-in law, who went through so much to become a mother a second time and create a brother for Nolan and a lovely family for our first born son, John Michael to love, nurture and father.
You helped to add to the Corbett and Hann line of ancestry.
That morning of April 19th 2006 remains in my mind so vividly, since I did an all nighter and was so excited that I could not sleep. I told John and Mark to go to bed because would have to get ready to leave at 4am for the Boston airport(one hour away from RI) so I could get my 6:30am Continental flight. I had to connect in Newark, NJ to arrive in Charlotte, NC.
It was 11:30am when John came into the baggage area with Nolan in his stroller. What a great moment to see them.there were many hugs and kisses and a few tears of happy emotion. It took us alittle while to get to their home in Anderson. When we arrived Vicky was practically packed and ready to go to the hospital.
This would be the AnMed Health Women's & Children Hospital in Anderson, SC, a great facility. I spent many hours in the garden with Nolan and in the cafeteria.
The morning of Braydon's arrival began with John, Nolan and I leaving for the hospital at 8am
I remember originally you were scheduled for the 10am surgery, but did not go in until 11:30am and Braydon Pierce Corbett was born at 12:12pm Once you went in it was fast.
I stayed with Nolan and John Michael went back to the hospital to stay with you. At 1:15am John called and said that they were going to give Braydon an IV because his sugar had been going up and down 40-60 and they needed it to be over 50. I was so worried and prayed all night.
When we arrived at the hospital on the 21st Braydon was doing better but he had that IV in his tiny left hand. Once again I enjoyed the quality time with Nolan in the Gardens and walking around the hospital. I remember going into their inspirational chapel with the running wall of art and praying that Braydon and you would be fine.
That night Anderson was on tornado watch and was I scared to be alone with Nolan and Cheyenne. John kept calling me and telling me the tracking and that it was moving away from Anderson. The rain and electrial storm turned to nickel size hail. Unbelievable......
I kept saying, "What do I do?
Where do I go?
The day you and Braydon were coming home was on Sunday, April 23rd I remember going to the 11am mass at St Joseph's and then going to the hospital.
You were home only a day and returned to the hospital on the Monday because you had swelling and a 101 fever. You stayed in the hospital a week and did not come home until the Saturday the 29th.
This was the day that John, Mark and Buddy were leaving RI. They arrived Sunday evening April 30th

We stayed for Mother's Day, we all went to Tuckers for a Mother's Day brunch, fabulous feast:) the Hanns and the Corbetts. We left for Rhode Island that Sunday afternoon May 14th
"When we look back on our lives, we find that those things we did in the spirit of LOVE, represent the moments we were truly alive" unknown

Vicky said...

Thanks for adding to Braydon's story. He went through a lot the first few days. Unfortunately I have a hard time remembering the "bad" stuff...probably by choice. :) I appreciated your help during this time. John does too! At least the end result was a beautiful baby boy who turned out to be healthy!