Friday, February 15, 2008

Be my Valentine!!

We had fun making Valentine's day cards this week! It was Braydon's first time making them. He loved much this was his reaction after we were done. He wanted to make more!! Tonight, we are meeting up with Grandma & Poppy Hann to eat and go to a fun church event for the kids!


GrandmaKathleen said...

Victoria, John Michael, Nolan Bryce, Braydon Pierce and Cheyenne WE LOVE YOU ALL:)
Hugs and Kisses

What a super fantastic blog!
Vicky you have become a master at blogging.
Isn't the Slide such a versatile user-friendly tool for creating interesting displays of your photos? You have created a very lovely Valentine presentation. So BEAUTIFUL:)
I love the green background.
We are so pleased that the gifts of Thomas the Train and Elmo are being so enjoyed by the boys. You can see it in their smiles and their adorable expressions.
Thanks again for allowing us to feel that we were apart of their Valentine celebration even though we were in RI by making this blog.
We love the new Vicky hair style. It is so flattering and definitely makes you look so stylish and so

Vicky said...

Thanks, the boys really loved their gifts. It was fun making a slide show. I will do more soon! I like your new look on your blog.