Thursday, February 7, 2008

1st school project for Nolan

This week is "take care of your pet week" at school for Nolan. He picked out a dog to have as his pet. It is a plastic yellow lab named Cheyenne. (he named her) They are learning the responsibilities of being a pet owner. He came home Tuesday with his dog and said he wanted a bed for his dog. We made a small bed out of an old sock and a top of a jewelry box. He also said he wanted a doghouse....well, that would have to be my DH job!! He is the carpenter in the family!

They started by finding a piece of cardboard. DH shaped it into a house and even put siding and shingles on the roof made of cardboard. Nolan had fun helping his Daddy with this. He was so proud. He took the doghouse they made into school and shared it with the other kids. Last night they painted the doghouse blue and red. Nolan's favorite colors! Here are pictures of the work in progress.

Nolan is taking after his Daddy with projects. He was so focused on making sure it was right.
I don't know who had more fun... Nolan or his Daddy! LOL

Now Braydon was very interested at first..... here is Braydon after he realized he wasn't going to get to paint the doghouse!

Here is the finished product!!!! He can't wait to take it into school to share with his friends!


GrandmaKathleen said...

The doghouse is incredible. As an Art Major and former Art instructor I must give this project my approval with a grade of A+
I am not being bias since it was made my my grandson and his father, my first born son, but graded as a project submitted by an unknown person.
Nolan, great job painting, I love the colors you selected, red and blue are my favorites, too.
This blog means so much to us, it keeps us informed of what is going on in the life of our grandsons. Soon Braydon will have a project for Daddy and Mommy to help with, too. There are many years of homework ahead and many many projects to help with.Being such supportive and caring parents will create geniuses. I know I have two genius sons.
According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "A genius is a person of great intelligence, who shows an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work."
Both sons, John Michael and Mark Alan have shown tremendous creativity and originality in any project they attemped, especially if it related to Scouting, Drama, or science for John Michael or Sports, Music or Magic for Mark Alan. Children who have many passions turn out to be well adjusted, well-rounded adults.

Jenny said...

This is adorable. I bet you had so much fun watching them work together on that!