Monday, November 3, 2008

One little...two little Indians....

Yes....we now have pictures to blog with! I will be catching up on some long overdue blogging the next few weeks! Everything from fall foilage to kite flying on the ocean! In the are some Halloween pictures of Nolan and Braydon.


GrandmaKathleen said...

So glad you were able to upload all your photos.
Nolan and Braydon look fabulous as little Indians. The costumes look more beautiful than any store bought Indian costumes you could have bought and spent loads of money. You are a very smart creative saving Mom. The bands with the designs are very creative including the dog paws and the suns motifs. Outstanding job:)
I'm sure they were admired at the church Halloween Party.

Vicky said...

Thanks. Kelly gave me the idea of using a clorox bleach pen to make it look more authentic. They have fringe is hard to see. I was told by several people that they are the cutest little boys they have ever seen. :) I am such a proud mama! LOL