Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beautiful Maine

This was taken in the town of York in Maine. The lighthouse is on an Island and as you can see it was beautiful!

This is our summer home....YEAH RIGHT!!! I WISH!

It was in the morning, but the sun wasn't quite up and out yet. It was very peaceful.

John says, "I am Sir Standing Tall."


Rubyellen said...

ooo... they look wonderful!!! i see the rule of thirds! yay!!!

i am so jealous of your recent vacations... and your vacation home! ;)

GrandmaKathleen said...

John Michael makes a good-looking
"Sir Standing Tall"
York, Maine is a gorgeous place with such breath-taking panaramic views. I'll have to get there this coming spring or summer as long as the gas keeps getting lower and not go back up to the ridiculous $4.37 per gal that we paid this past summer 08