Friday, November 21, 2008

Attention Smokers.....You Stink!

Dear Avid Smoker,

Do you realize that you smell? I am being honest here. I know I am far from perfect, but at least I don't stink. I can be 15 feet away from you and I smell that nasty stale stench that makes my nose crinkle. I gag and cough at times. It reminds me of that character on Charlie Brown....what is his name??

Pig Pen? Instead of is the aroma of stale smoke.

What really gets when you come in with your sick child to get a nebulizer to help with their breathing. I tell you not to smoke around the child or the nebulizer and you literally say "WHY?"

DUH! They may have to be on a nebulizer because their cold has turned into acute bronchitis....and guess what? Smoking around your child is NOT good.
Studies have shown that a third of children suffering from certain conditions such as chest infections and asthma are the victims of passive smoking.

I am only stating the obvious. Your habit makes people gag and gasp for air. At least I can get away from you.....your children cannot.

Your choking, gagging, and gasping for air friend Vicky


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GrandmaKathleen said...

I see people carrying oxygen tanks and breathing through tubes and they still are smoking. "duh"...

Maybe my breathing problems are caused today by working at Foxwoods Casino with all that passive smoke for 3 years. My mom was an excessive chain smoker while I was growing up. She didn't quit until she was 50.