Friday, September 5, 2008

My Hubs will laugh at the "home tidy"

You Are Germany

You are a formal, polite person... even with those you know well.

You are quite serious. You are responsible and good at following rules.

You enjoy organization and planning. Structure helps you thrive, and you don't like surprises.

You take pride in your personal appearance. You keep your clothes and home tidy.


Jenny said...

I don't know... I disagree that you are "quite serious," and you aren't a goody-two-shoes who always follows the rules. LOL.

Vicky said...

Yeah....I don't think this is me either! LOL

GrandmaKathleen said...

I find some truth to the results for you. You have always been quite the Southern lady, with your politeness. I remember you saying many times "yes, Mamm"
and many "thank yous".
When I spent those 6weeks at your townhouse, I have to vouch that you kept a clean tidy place. You had everything in its place and organized. I loved your bathroom display of many creams, lotions and sprays.

Vicky said...

Thanks Kathy...but that was before I had 2 lil pumpkins that could walk and talk. Now if I go one hour after house cleaning without spilled drinks or food and toys cluttered all truly a miracle. P.S. Don't go in my closet. :)

Kelly said...

LOL..nice undies