Friday, September 12, 2008


The price of GAS is making me is over $4.09 here and up .50 cents the past 48 hours?!?!? Come on....the gulf makes like 10-15% of the oil for us and the barrel is less than $100.00 right now. A long time low! Let's just blame the hurricane for price gouging! Diapers are up .77 cents per package from last week....Jenny, I am really wishing I went to cloth right about now. Apple Juice up $1.30 the past year too....and if you want to eat need to take out a second mortgage.

What have you seen go up that annoys you?


GrandmaKathleen said...

You might find this interesting that Dunkin Donuts, must be feeling the crunch. They used to offer free either a pat of butter or a jelly or even sometimes both with the purchase of their bagel, now they have in their commuter to charging you automatically $.25 for each.
The gas here is RI has been dropping, Hess has $3.45 and premium at $3.67.
You are so right that food is getting so expensive.

Kelly said...

Food, specifically for pets, gas and paper products! Something needs to be done, companies are definitely taking advantage. Not only are prices going up, but companies are also making smaller packaging and charging either the same amount or more. UGH!

Jenny said...

We got gas today at the Raceway near Starlight Theater and it was 3.89 but they are probably out by now. Only two pumps, and only reg unleaded, were open. They are getting flooded with football traffic today of course.

Kelly--I noticed a year or two into my marriage that we were being bled dry just from paper products and since then we've saved a lot of money not using paper towels, napkins, plates, etc. I think paper towels are the worst! They're so expensive and if you don't watch it you can use them up so fast.

Auntie Maureen said...

I wish we could take home the gas here in the Finger Lakes, NY. We passed a gas station this morning with gas at $3.27. There was a line of cars waiting to get the gas. Our tank, of course, was full at the time. The other gas stations are averaging about $3.67.