Monday, April 28, 2008

The Water Horse....

We rented a great family movie last night. Nolan was entranced with the whole movie and Braydon was for the first 30 minutes. It was a little old for a two year old, but for Nolan it was perfect. He will be four in August. This movie made us laugh, cry, and made us believe in magical creatures.

The special effects were great. I really felt something for this monster. It was almost like a puppy when it first hatched...always into mischief.

The scenery was breath-taking. It was filmed in New Zealand and of course Scotland. Nolan was still excited about the movie this morning and wanted to wear his dinosaur shirt. (I guess they are similiar). There is another disc that came with the movie that he wants to watch tonight. It talks about the making of it and all that other interesting stuff!


GrandmaKathleen said...

Sounds like a movie worth watching.
Nolan found an interest that is terrific:)
He is not too young to take him to the library to get his own library card and have him look for dinosaur picture books or early readers. Great field trip for both Nolan and Braydon.

Kelly said...

Aww...mommy seemed to enjoy it too! I agree with Kathleen, I think the library would be WONDERFUL. They have a special area for kids and everything.

Jenny said...

I was thinking about renting this too. It looks adorable! But Jordan and I bought Problem Child and Problem Child 2 and watched them last night. Talk about wholesome family fun! Well it was really more of a date night, because we put Suzi to bed and ate pizza and ice cream on the couch.