Monday, March 24, 2008

Pink Fingers and the Science of Easter Egg Dyeing

First find the egg you want!

Then slowly dip it into the dye...make sure you splash some dye up on Mommy's table!

Now swirl the egg around with your fingers. The egg will be nice and pink and so will be your fingers.

AND presto!! You have pink fingers for several days! Hurray!

Let me calculate a perfectly dyed egg...we need...

an egg! Let's just see what happens when we put an egg in yellow...IT TURNS YELLOW!

I am going to get a little fancier and use my handy dandy egg wand!

Ooohhh watch out Easter Bunny...I am a Easter egg dyeing champion!

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GrandmaKathleen said...

What a most interesting educational blog. You created a great sequence of instructional steps as To how you dye Easter Eggs. EXCELLENT
The photos of Braydon and Nolan are super. They both are so enthralled in their task on hand. Nolan is so serious and as you say calculating his job to become the Easter egg dyeing champion! He reminds me so much of the way his Dad tackled any job as well. He would be very detailed, caution, particular in attepting to complete a task with perfection. Very scientifically-minded!
However, Braydon is the smiley "happy go lucky" guy, as he dyes his eggs he is so emotionally excited of his anticipated outcome, a completed beautiful pink egg. Always smiling, no seriousness here just FUN FUN FUN Very creatively-minded, like his Grandma Kathleen and his Mom.