Monday, March 31, 2008

Come One, Come All....Shriner's Circus!

We went to the circus this past weekend. It was the boy's first one. As you can see by the picture they were entranced with the whole experience. Nolan did really well sitting for 3 hours and Braydon did pretty good. Towards the second half of the show Braydon was getting a little tired. We saw tigers, dogs, elephants, acrobats, and tons of clowns!
Braydon was all smiles here! He saw the elephants and went crazy talking about them. I really couldn't make much of what he was saying because he was so excited!

Nolan wasn't too sure about the clowns...then he decided that they weren't too bad. He got a few autographs and pictures. One funny thing with Nolan was that every two minutes he said "I smell something." He was smelling the stinky elephants. LOL

Here are some more photos to enjoy!

On a side note, DH was part of the pre-show. Nino the clown was so happy with him for cheering loudly that he hugged him over and over. We had a great time and enjoyed the circus as a family. John and I were like kids too!


Jenny said...

Looks like the kids enjoyed it... and John too! How cute that he got pulled up on stage! What did the boys think of that?

Beth said...

It looks like you guys had fun! I noticed someone else had gone to the circus there...I don't know how we missed it! I'm glad you enjoyed the naked juice...I've loved every kind I've tried so far! I guess it's a good way to get in my fruits since there's so much in every bottle!

Cakies said...

I wish there was a circus here!!! It looks like so much fun!

Now I have to tag you cause I have been tagged... look at my blog and you will know what i mean!