Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Canadian Guardian Angel...

I have one. I really do. I don't even know her her by any other name but yrhelper.

Yrhelper is holding a tweetparty for me. It was kicked off today, my 38th birthday! She is holding a contest with prizes to be won. You must go to her blog . All her proceeds that she earns through Sept. 4, 2009 through her online shops will go to my NTAF account">NTAF account. (National Transplant Assistance Fund) She is also raising awareness for a possible living kidney donor for me.

She had seen a request made by my Mother-n-law Kathleen on her active rain blog ">active rain blog . From what I understand is that she has a sister that has an autoimmune disease that was attacking her vital organs, but were able to stop it in time with medicine. Unfortunately, that is not my case and part of the reason why I blog about my disease. If I can help just one person to not get to the point that I am at...it is soooooo worth doing this blog!!

Yrhelper is on twitter...so follow her! Her blog is Rewards4Canada ">Rewards4Canada . She has great coupons and money saving ideas too.

I am asking you to reblog her post. Follow her on twitter and return her tweets for all to see. I can't believe my guardian angel is doing this. Again, I don't even know her name.

Amazing, huh?

I really don't know what else to say...I am speechless. (and for those who know me, that is hard to believe).

One thing I can say is....

THANK YOU Yrhelper!!

I also want to thank anyone who has helped me. I really appreciate it.


Elizabeth said...

I just got 1cent searching for Rewards4Canada for the NTAF fund in honour of Vicky Corbett! and found a link to your site! That's another penny for your account. I downloaded the tool bar so all my searches count. I was at the TweetParty Meet up at Lang Pioneer Village yesterday a lot of people said what they are #Vicky about. I hope the videos get uploaded to YouTube soon.

Elizabeth said...

Opps I forgot Here's the link to the Be Rewarded For Good Deeds Contest- Win Amazon Money and Help a Great Cause!http://bit.ly/3889f

Vicky said...

Thanks so much Elizabeth. I really appreciate it.