Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Homemade catapillar invitations

So, Braydon is turning three and I decided to make his invitations. It was very simple and I really just threw them together. You can make them more "perfect" if you'd like, but I like the raw edge of it.

I bought some colorful cardstock, wiggle eyes, and colorful brads. I cut 4 circles and a catapillar head with antenna. Next, I glued the wiggle eyes and punched a hole for the brads to go through. It folds up pretty nicely.

I wrote on the body of the catapillar:
Oh my goodness...How can it be? Our little Braydon is turning "three"!

I think they turned out pretty good and they cost about the same or less as picking up a package of ready made.

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GrandmaKathleen said...

They are adorable.
I am sorry to say, it does not seem to be the right time to travel this year to celebrate Braydon's 3rd birthday. Perhaps you can put the webcam on so we can feel that we are at the party, especially when you sing Happy Birthday.