Thursday, June 5, 2008

We went to Suzi's 1 year birthday party!

We had a fun day last Saturday. We helped to celebrate Suzi's 1 year birthday. Her parents are Jenny and Jordan. The boys went to a Shriner's parade too.

Here are some pictures of the birthday party....Enjoy!

Braydon and Suzi playing together

Nolan using a console table as a place to eat his weight in fruit!

Braydon enjoying the papasan chair!

"The cake was good, but I still like the table!!"

Suzi and Nolan playing with balloon strings!

Braydon decided to give one of Suzi's hats a try... he decided that pink floral was not his color!

Suzi wanted to try out her new gift from Nolan & Braydon. The verdict is still up in the air...she will have to get use to the sprinkler!

And the afterparty affects....

He was gone before we even could count to ten!

It took him a little longer to decide he was tired......maybe a whole 3 more minutes then Braydon! Party animals need their rest too!


GrandmaKathleen said...

The boys look so peaceful in their slumber. I can see why they would be exhausted, parade, birthday party WOW!
Suzi is so cute.
That Elmo sprinkler looks like so much fun, especially on those hot humid days, like they were when we were visiting last August. 100's hot hot hot
I'm sure Suzi will love to run through it, especially if the water is on low.
BTW, I bet Mommy and Daddy could use a nap, too. LOL

Jenny said...

Cute! Did they stay asleep once you got them home? Suzi was tired too, and I think she's still catching up on her sleep. She's napping right now. Of course, babywearing always wears her out because there are other children to play with.

Kelly said...

They look like they had SO much fun~! I bet the sprinkler feels good right about now!